We are a private conservation studio serving the Bay Area and beyond since 1968.

Our services include the conservation, preservation
and restoration of paintings, works of art on paper,
including shoji screens and scrolls, and objects,
including ceramics, glass, enamels, period frames and architectural elements such as painted and mosaic murals.

All treatment follows AIC* guidelines. Cleaning
methods are precisely designed and monitored to
perform safely. The treatment of loss is  conservatively handled, using the highest quality fills and pigments.

Protective surface coatings (varnishes) are prepared
in-house from the highest quality resins. Traditional
techniques are used in all gilding restoration.

Modern and traditional mounting and lining methods
are appropriately employed. Stretchers, frames and
mounting panels, when required, are made to our
exacting specifications.

We also specialize in manufacturing high quality museum grade honeycomb mounting panels.

We work with disaster and recovery services to treat works damaged by water, fire and smoke contamination.

Consultation, environmental monitoring and
assessment of a collection are offered.
All treatment is documented, including materials and chemicals used. Service records and photodocuments are supplied for a nominal fee upon request.

Our Conservation Reports are used in insurance claims, estate planning, appraisals and as condition records prior to travel, loan or sale.

Our clients are individuals, collectors, institutions,
corporations, galleries, museums, framers, and last
but not least, the artist.

Our pride in what we do is justified by our experience with our clients. See Partial Client List.

"Our Heritage is all that we know of ourselves:
What we preserve of it, our only record.
That record is our beacon in the darkness of time;
the light that guides our steps.
Conservation is the means by which we preserve it.
...It is a commitment not to the past, but to the future."

Phillip Ward, The Nature Of Conservation: A Race Against Time